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  • NTNLL will NOT be having Fall Ball this season. We have delayed the start of our Spring Season thus there will not be time for Fall Ball in 2020. 
Welcome Back!


NTNLL Players and Families:


Great News:  We can start the 2020 Baseball and Softball season!   


Now that the Governor has given the go ahead for certain youth sports such as Baseball & Softball, we are making final plans to begin the 2020 Baseball & Softball season. 


However, we must work within the reopening guidelines of NYS Pause Order for Phase 4 and the dates set by the governor and his staff. 


Our goal as a League is and has been to provide a fun and safe 2020 Baseball & Softball season in the new world of Covid19.  We continue to strive to implement the ever-changing guidelines related to preventing the spread of the virus.  As parents and guardians of players, we share your concerns and need your help to ensure that published CDC guidelines are followed by everyone.  Including the wearing of masks and spectator social distancing. 


We will need your help to ensure that proper social distancing and face covering rules are observed during practices and games.  One of the stipulations within the Phase 4 reopening of youth sports is to keep spectator levels low, two parents.  Therefore, we ask that only immediate household family members attended the games and practices.


Where we are and what happens next:

  • Currently team rosters are being assembled and will be completed by June 24
  • Team Managers will contact you regarding practices dates, times and location.
  • Phase 4 stipulates that Baseball/Softball activities can begin on July 6.
  • This date is the start date for team activities including practices.
  • We are planning the start of games to be around July 18-20
  • Note: The Lieutenant Governor has emphasized that July 6 is the start date.  If anyone in our league starts activities prior to that date it will place the entire season for the entire league in jeopardy.


Rules for Practice:

  • Each team is being scheduled to practice on a diamond at least one time during the preseason practice period (July 6 through July 18).
  • An on-field practice schedule will be provided to team managers. 
  • There are to be no scrimmages or joint practices during the preseason practice period.
  • Drills are to be broken up into groups to maintain social distancing
  • Players are not to share equipment (see equipment below)


Rules for Games

  • Games are being scheduled to begin on or about July 18 - 20. 
  • Weather, as always, will dictate if a game played as scheduled.
  • All games will adhere to a strict 1 hour 45-minute time limit. 
    • We may need stager the Saturday schedules to limit or reduce the number of people within the complex during the game change over period
  • Players are not to share equipment (see equipment below)
  • We are looking to change how the dugouts are used to maintain social distancing (more to come)
  • In an effort to limit the number of people at home plate, Umpires will call from behind the pitcher. 
    • We anticipate the you will appreciate the need for this change and your understanding of the umpiring process is anticipated. 
  • Additional game rules will be published as we move closer to game day
  • Only the designated coaching staff will be able to stand at the fence during games.  Parents must remain socially distant for the playing field and fences.   


The big question or topic of conversation has been about wearing face covering:  will they be required and where.  We hope that you help us by following these guidelines/rules outlined below.


Within the NYS Reopening guidelines for Youth Sports is the following paragraph:


For spectators, the following additional safety measures apply:

  • For sports events (e.g. games), Responsible Parties must limit spectators to two spectators per player.

  • Responsible Parties must ensure spectators maintain six feet of physical distance between individuals and/or family/household units at all times and , so long as they are over the age of two and medically able to tolerate such covering.

  • Responsible Parties may facilitate appropriate distancing through the use of markings on the ground or seating areas, and other signage.

  • Responsible Parties must ensure that, among all spectators, no individual group exceeds the gathering limit that is currently in place for the region.

    • Responsible Parties may facilitate appropriate gathering size through the use of signage and/or staff to ensure groups are aware of and adhere to guidelines.


In addition to the above from New York State, Little League Baseball is requiring Managers and Coaches to wear face coverings during Practices and Games. 


Players are to wear face covers when not on the field or when social distancing requirements cannot be maintained.  A player does not need to wear a face covering while at bat, running the bases or in the field.


Umpires are to wear face coverings during the games.


Additional safe guards that are being implemented:

  • The pregame meeting at home plate has been eliminated, managers know the rules and should share them with players at the beginning of each game.

  • The postgame hand shake has also been eliminated for the 2020 season.


Player equipment


The league will not be issuing an equipment bag to teams this season this will eliminate the ability to use shared equipment such as batting helmets and catcher’s equipment

  • We recommend that you purchased a batting helmet through a store: Walmart, Target, Dick’s or online.We have seen batting helmet prices in the $15 range at Walmart & Target

  • Please put the player’s last name on their personal helmet

  • Catchers should purchase their own equipment (Minor, Major and Senior divisions Baseball & Softball)

    • < > No catchers in the Pee Wee and Squirt divisions this season.

      The league has a limited supply of equipment from last season that can be issued to individuals:If interested please contact our equipment manager


    Financial Update:


    The annual fund raiser, the sale of lottery tickets for the month of June, did not go as well has it had in previous years.   The annual fund raiser typically provides about 40% of the funds needed to operate the league.  This year the fund raiser has brought in about 10% of our overall operating budget.  Please remember that the fund raiser lottery ticket sales help to cover league expenses including: part of uniform costs, player equipment such as baseballs, maintenance material for the fields and buildings, utilities, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses.


    Your Board of Directors have been and are meeting regularly to address the issues of reopening and questions that are sent to us.


    We look forward to a good season and seeing you at the ball park!


    Thank you

    NTNLL Board of Directors


Link to Little League Baseball: https://www.littleleague.org/


Please be advised that due to the delay in starting our Spring Season, there will be no Fall Ball at NTNLL this season.

by posted 06/17/2020
Welcome to the North Tonawanda National Little League

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Welcome to the 2020 North Tonawanda National Little League Season,

Please read below for some guidelines as you prepare for the season. We are focused on safety and ask that you follow the guidelines below when visiting NTNLL.

1. Parking for parents and coaches is limited to 2 areas at NTNLL. You are required to park in the lot by the DMV, or the lot next to Field 3 near the old Youth Center. You cannot park along Sikora Drive, or on the grass. The 6 spots outside the clubhouse are for Concessions and Handicapped only. Please observe the parking rules at NTNLL and help make the park safer and more enjoyable for all. AGAIN, THERE IS NO PARKING ON THE GRASS, ESPECIALLY BETWEEN THE CLUBHOUSE AND WHEATFIELD ST. THIS IS A SAFETY HAZARD FOR OUR PATRONS, PARK IN THE LOT AND WALK TO THE DIAMONDS.

2. There is no smoking or consumption of alcohol while on the grounds. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes and Vapor devices, as well as the consumption of non-alcoholic beers!

3. Any abuse of an umpire, whether by a player, coach or fan will be dealt with swiftly and that person will be ejected from the park. Decisons of the umpires in regards to calling games due to weather, lack of daylight, or for any other reason are at the discretion of the umpire.

4. Our fields are enclosed. That means coaches must be inside the dugout during play and are not permitted inside the gates. Only base coaches are allowed and must be in the coaches box. No on deck batters except for Field #4.This includes all house, travel {Boys of Summer, Clarence, etc...} and tournament games being played at NTNLL. The gates must be closed before play can begin. For Squirt and Peewee house games, we do allow coaches on the field.

5. Do not climb the fences, or trees. Not only is this a safety issue, we are trying to keep the park looking nice.

6. Please discuss with your teams the importance of cleaning the dugout during and after games. We are not here to pick up after you, and coaches will be notified if they choose to ignore this.

7. When driving on Sikora Drive, please keep it under 10 MPH. People have been speeding through and we have kids crossing that street all day long. Please be respectful of others as you arrive.

8. Please try to avoid bringing in outside food and beverage, especially when the concession stand is open. We are a volunteer organization and depend on concessions to help raise money for important projects at NTNLL. We do accept credit and debit cards at the stand.

9. Most importantly, win or lose, please have fun and spend your time encouraging your players, and don't worry about what the other team is doing, or what call the umpire made. If you would like to assist with coaching or umpiring, we are always looking for the help!


Thank you for helping keep our park safe for all!  Our fields are closed until July 6th. We look forward to seeing everybody real soon.


by posted 05/05/2017
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